How to Feel Confident in Your Body This Summer

three friends at the beach feeling confident in their bodies


Most people look forward to outdoor during the summer months, but the hot weather means fewer layers on your skin, covering up the things you've been taught to hide. 

For many women, summer can bring up a lot of stress and anxiety about body image. Whether it's the extra fat on our tummies or the cellulite creeping its way down the back of our thighs, we've been taught by society that we should cover these things up and hide our "imperfections." Women are encouraged to maintain an unrealistic beauty standard that is inauthentic to who they are.

Here are a few ways to feel confident in your body this summer while being your authentic and beautiful self!

Stop the Negative Self-Talk

Words hold immense power. When you constantly speak negatively to yourself, you subconsciously turn those words into your reality. If you say, “I’m too overweight to wear those shorts,” you’re tricking your brain into believing that you can never wear shorts because of your weight.

Swap out that negative self-talk with positive words and thoughts instead. Maybe you can’t fit into those specific shorts your friend is wearing, but all you have to do is buy a larger size. You can wear shorts during the summer months; you just have to get a pair that fits you. When you have a more positive outlook on life, you will become a happier and more confident version of yourself because positive self-talk has many benefits.

Focus on How You Feel

Truly experience each moment in your body. How did it feel to go on the boat with your family? How did it feel to eat your favorite ice cream you’ve been waiting for all year? Are you going to bed at night happy and exhausted from the adventures of the day? Focus on how you feel this summer and not how you look. At the end of everything, the only thing that matters is what we did with the time we had, not our pants size. When you exist within your body and stay present in the moment, you will notice how incredible you are. 

Take Care of Yourself

Having a set self-care routine can truly boost your confidence and make you feel good on the inside, which is what you want to focus on this summer. Invest in high-quality skincare products if you worry about the appearance of stretch marks or cellulite. Taking care of your skin, hair, and nails and managing your stress are guaranteed to boost your body confidence this summer! 

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