8 Causes of Cellulite

Several factors that contribute to the development of cellulite.  Sluggish lymphatic system, poor circulation, poor diet, hormones, loss of collagen, increased fatty tissue, and water retention).

How Is Cellulite Formed?

1.  Sluggish Lymphatic System

Like an oven, our bodies have a self-cleaning function.  The lymphatic system plays a significant role in this process.  This system removes waste from cells, fights infection, drains excess fluids and proteins from tissues, absorbs fats from the digestive system, and transports them into the bloodstream.  When the system isn’t functioning correctly, it lacks the ability to control cellulite effectively. 

2.  Poor Circulation

Our skin is our largest organ, and healthy blood circulation delivers nutrients to your organs.  These nutrients promote the production of collagen; healthy circulation can provide support in controlling cellulite.

3.  Loss of Collagen

Collagen strengthens your skin's connective tissue.  Loss of collagen can weaken connective tissue creating indentations in the skin, also known as cellulite.

4.  Poor Diet

A poor diet plays a major in the development of cellulite.  Consuming processed and refined foods can cause cellulite to form.  Diets that consist of cheese, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, sugary snacks, and sugary beverages.  Sugar damages connective tissue and increases insulin levels causing your body to store more fat.  Salt causes fluid retention and swelling, a direct characteristic just as fat is to the accumulation of cellulite.

5.  Dehydration

Our bodies are 60% water; not drinking an adequate amount of water causes dehydration.  Dehydration causes thinner skin; when the skin lacks thickness makes the appearance of cellulite more pronounced. 

6 Hormones

Cellulite increases when estrogen levels decline.  Reduced estrogen decreases circulation, decreases the formation of new collagen, and breakdown connective tissue.

7.  Increased Fatty Tissue

When fat cells increase, connective fibers pull-down, which creates lumpy, uneven skin known as cellulite.

8.  Fluid Retention

Excess fluid retention causes cells to enlarge, affecting the lymph circulation making it harder to burn fat.