Believable Beauty is more than a skincare brand - it is a loving dedication to every woman’s innate beauty. Created from a passion to educate and encourage women of all ages to know and believe that they were born beautiful, our brand proudly carries the message that beauty is individualized and, therefore, not determined by others’ opinions.

Our founder, Versala Anderson, was born and raised in the “Motor City”, Detroit. She finds a deep source of inspiration in her hometown and the way that its citizens continue to see the best in their neighborhoods, no matter what situation they might be in. This endearing sense of optimism combined with Versala’s love for Detroit and its beautifully vibrant people manifested itself in Believable Beauty, a business on a mission to inspire women of all ages, races and backgrounds to recognize and celebrate the inherent beauty they were born with.

Believable Beauty products are designed with women in mind. From the roots of our business, a program has blossomed that addresses and builds positive self-esteem, entrepreneurship skills and holistic wellness in the vulnerable youth of inner-city Detroit. 

At the core of our business is our goal to empower women to become the best possible versions of themselves, which is why each Believable Beauty product ascribes to the following foundational beliefs:

Beauty is Confidence

When a woman feels comfortable in her skin, she radiates a confidence bright enough to light up any room. Confident women speak up, own their space, instigate change and become the leaders of tomorrow. When a woman believes in herself, she has the power to make the world believe in her too. 

Beauty is Strength

All women are born with a tenacious spirit but, often, their own fears and doubts overshadow their strength and lead them to believe that they are inferior or incapable of greatness. Once you’ve silenced the voice of doubt within yourself, you’ll find that you have much more strength than you thought was possible. When you look and feel beautiful, your inner strength is amplified.

Beauty is Authentically YOU

Each woman is beautiful in her own distinctive way, despite mainstream media’s efforts to try to convince us that there is one “ideal” standard of beauty. We say it's time for the comparisons to end and for us to accept that one woman can be beautiful in a completely different way than another - in fact, we’re steadfastly committed to celebrating difference! Instead of fighting what you have in an effort to look more like someone else, we encourage you to step into your power and embrace what makes you authentically and uniquely you. 

Believable Beauty products are conceptualized to address real needs brought forward by real women, just like you. We strive to give you everything you need to feel great about your skin, which is why we innovate formulas that are rich in vitamins and minerals and refined to provide spa-quality luxury and reliable results. All of the products that we create are incorporated in our founder’s own daily self-care and beauty regime, so when you invest in a Believable Beauty product, you can rest assured that you are buying a product that has not only been tested but is a well-loved addition to real women’s skincare ritual!