How to Not Lose Yourself in Motherhood

tired mother with child

As a parent, you are constantly thinking about your children. They are all-consuming in your thoughts, mind, and being. For a small period, you are the only world your kids have, and those are pretty big shoes to fill. You can’t take a break whenever you feel like it, which can be overwhelming and stressful for your mind and body.

Here are a few things you can do to not lose your sense of self in the overwhelming hold motherhood can have on you.

Find Online Support Groups

Social media is a great way to find people from all over experiencing the same things as you. Many blogs and Facebook groups aim to support mothers who need a place to vent, ask questions, and get others' opinions. Making internet friends can be a blessing when the time for an in-person hangout might be few and far between, especially in the age of a worldwide pandemic.

Be Open with Your Partner

If you have a partner, it is important to let them know how you are feeling and what you need to be happy and fulfilled. Be open and honest with them about your needs and what they can do to support you in keeping a sense of yourself while being a mom.

You might need them to pull their weight around the house or to look after the kids once a week, so you have the time to do a hobby or activity for a few hours. Be open about your needs; hopefully, your partner will support them.

Prioritize Self-Care

Self-care looks different for every woman. Maybe it's getting yourself on to a better vitamin routine, getting more sleep, or working out more often. Maybe it's finding time to decompress by meditating and praying daily, getting your nails done once a week, or having a regular massage. Whatever it may be, try to take small steps towards incorporating more of it into your daily life whenever and however you can.

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