Anti-Cellulite Clothing

Don’t be fooled by shape-wear that merely camouflages cellulite with those garments that actually work to improve the appearance of cellulite.  There are cellulite garments that support improved circulation and drainage of retained fluid in the body, two of the leading causes of cellulite. 

Believable Beauty is proud to carry “Anti-Cellulite Slimming Capri Pants and Leggings” infused with caffeine and vitamin E.  Vitamin E helps improve circulation.

Why caffeine?’

Shape your body with caffeine!

One of the natural ingredients used for the treatment of cellulite is caffeine. Caffeine is used as an adjuvant to treat cellulite for the potential lipolytic and thermogenic properties.  Caffeine’s ability to stimulate drainage, remove stagnant fluids, stimulate the mobilization of fatty acids in the adipose tissue makes it a powerful source to assist in reducing the appearance of cellulite. [i]




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